Sean Bourne

Undergraduate Education: Rochester Institute of Technology
Medical Education: University at Buffalo
Hometown: East Aurora, New York
Personal: I am from the small town called East Aurora, outside of Buffalo, NY. My wife is a  pediatric resident at VCU.  We like to hike, visit historical places and try new restaurants. I am a huge Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan, and enjoy anything sports related.
Professional Interests: Urgent Care, Sports Medicine
Favorite Food: Baked Ziti
Favorite Movie: Sherlock Holmes
Favorite Music/Band: Hip-Hop, 90s music
Favorite TV Show: House of Cards
Favorite Book: The Devil in the White City


Aaron ferro

Undergraduate Education: Idaho State University in Pocatello ID
Medical Education: Pacific Northwest College of Osteopathic Medicine in Yakima, WA
Hometown: Pocatello, ID
Personal: I grew up in Pocatello, ID where I was active in many sports as both a player and a coach. I am a passionate sports fan and take pride in cheering on my favorite teams, especially the Boston Red Sox. In my free time, I enjoy golfing, biking, skiing, yoga, and spending time with my wife and dog.
Professional Interests: Sports Medicine and broad spectrum family medicine
Favorite Food: Taco Bell, Pizza, Steak and Potatoes (it’s an Idaho thing)
Favorite Movie: Any of the Bourne series, The Greatest Game Ever Played, 30 for 30 documentaries
Favorite Music/Band/Singer: Anything country
Favorite TV Show: The Dan Patrick Show
Favorite Book: Outliers, It’s not about the Bike


jordan jackson

Undergraduate Education: University of Virginia
Medical Education: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Hometown: Richlands, VA
Personal: I enjoy hiking, fishing, running, cycling, and many other outdoor activities.
Professional Interests: Community Medicine and Geriatrics
Favorite Food: Anything Spicy
Favorite Movie: National Lampoon’s Vacation
Favorite Music/Band: The Beatles
Favorite TV Show: Friends
Favorite Book: Blink and most other books by Malcolm Gladwell
Favorite Richmond Activity: Belle Isle, Carry Town, and Maymont Park


Amanda monte

Undergraduate Education: University of Richmond
Medical Education: Tulane University School of Medicine
Hometown: Richmond, VA


bradley rolfe

Undergraduate Education: Bachelor in Biochemistry from Virginia Tech
Medical Education: Drexel University College of Medicine
Hometown: Roanoke, Virginia
Personal: I love all different kinds of sports and outdoor activities! My parents enrolled me in local rec sporting leagues as soon as I was old enough to play so I grew up playing basketball, soccer and baseball and I try to stay active in sports now. In high school, I got into cross country and have run numerous half marathons and one full marathon.
Professional Interests: The underserved and at risk population, sports medicine and clinic procedures.
Favorite Food: Everything!
Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Music/Band/Singer: I love the band ‘Brand New’
Favorite Book: I am Legend
Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld
Favorite Richmond Activity: Running on the river trail


nathan zacharias

Medical Education: Drexel University College of Medicine
Hometown: a farming town near Sacramento, California
Personal: I worked as a wilderness guide in Utah before medical school and still love anything that gets me outdoors–camping, hiking, rock climbing, triathlons, mountain biking, and soccer.
Professional Interests: Adolescence, addiction, social justice, preventative medicine, women’s health, Latino health (hablo Español).
Favorite Food: I love Mexican food so much that my credit card is shaped like a taco.
Favorite Movie: I’m not a TV or movie buff, but I like comedies.
Favorite Music/Band/Singer: I love variety and listen to rock, folk, bluegrass, hip-hop, and indie pop.
Favorite Book: East of Eden by John Steinbeck or Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut
Favorite Richmond Activity: I love biking or running the trails by the James River.