+ Year 1

  • 4 blocks Inpatient Family Medicine Service
  • 1 block Surgery
  • 1 block Cardiology
  • 1 block OB/GYN
  • 1 block Adult ER
  • 1 block PICU/Pediatric Specialty
  • 1 block ICU/Interventional Radiology
  • 1 block Pediatrics Inpatient/Pediatric ER
  • 1 block Night Float
  • 1 block Family Medicine Clinic

+ Year 2

  • 1 block Inpatient Service (Chippenham)
  • 1 block Inpatient Service (JW)
  • 2 blocks Night Float
  • 1 block OB/Gyn
  • 1 block Family Medicine Clinic
  • 1 block Outpatient Pediatrics (VCU)
  • 1 block Orthopedics
  • 1 block Sports Medicine
  • 1 block Dermatology/FMC
  • 1 block NICU & Newborn Nursery/Psych
  • 1 block Urology/ENT
  • 1 block FMC

**Note that each block is either 2 or 4 weeks long

+ Year 3

  • 1 block Inpatient Service (Chippenham)
  • 1 block Inpatient Service (JW)
  • 1 block Night Float
  • 1 block OB/Gyn
  • 1 block FMC
  • 1 block Geriatric Medicine (Lucy Corr)
  • 1 block Crossover Clinic
  • 1 block Fast Track ER
  • 1 block Outpatient Pediatrics (Hayes E. WIllis)
  • 4 blocks Elective

**Note that each block is either 2 or 4 weeks long


Inpatient family medicine service

The inpatient service, also known as the "House" team, works at both Chippenham and Johnston-Willis Hospitals.  The Chippenham team is composed of a senior resident and two interns, while the JW service is run by one upper level resident.  We only admit patients from our practice allowing for continuity, as well as clinic documentation of their medical history that is easily accessible.  Our faculty rotate weekly as attendings on both services.


Our OB service is solely within Chippenham Hospital.  We work with Dr. Sumac Diaz, who is double boarded in Family Medicine and OB/GYN, and follow her patients specifically.  This includes working in her outpatient clinic (also on site), triaging patients, and taking care of her patients on the Labor & Delivery floor.  As a resident, you will get more than enough hands-on experience with deliveries, C-sections and outpatient gynecological procedures to feel confident.

night float

Our residency uses a night float system to cover our medical patients at Chippenham and JW, as well as our OB patients at Chippenham.  The team consists of one upper level resident and an intern. Residents do admissions for our clinic as well as for Dr. Diaz's patients, and get valuable experience in participating in codes. 

pediatrics (outpatient)

The outpatient pediatric experience occurs in all three years.  Interns spend half days on their PICU rotation at community pediatric specialty clinics.  As a second year, residents spend one month at the VCU Children's Pavilion in downtown Richmond.  As a third year, residents spend one month at a busy pediatric clinic, Hayes E. Willis Health Center, also in Richmond.

pediatrics (inpatient)

All of the pediatric inpatient rotations are on site at Chippenham Hospital.  Both pediatric floor and PICU rotations are done during intern year.  Interns are unopposed and get 1-on-1 teaching with the attendings on both rotations.

family medicine clinic

Our curriculum allows for our residents to get a wealth of experience in outpatient family medicine throughout all three years.  For a majority of rotations as an intern, they will have one half day in clinic per week, as well as a full month of clinic towards the end of the year.  Upper level residents are in clinic 5 half days a week, unless they are on their inpatient rotations.  There are also full month clinic rotations in the last two years.  Our clinic is busy, with up to 2,500 visits per month.  Attendings oversee residents in a multitude of procedures done on site.  Residents also work on specific teams at the clinic with a specific team attending and nurse.


Residents will get geriatric experience at Lucy Corr village, a long term nursing home facility, where they will work with Dr. Vohra.  In their second year, residents will have a small panel of continuity patient s they will see on a bi-monthly basis.  As a third year, residents will spend an entire month working closely with Dr. Vohra at Lucy Corr.

emergency medicine

Chippenham's Emergency Room is a busy 50-bed, Level II Trauma Center where residents can get a comprehensive education, while working 1-on-1 with ER attendings.  Also, because our program is unopposed, residents can perform as many procedures as are available.  The pediatric ER is also very busy, and allows for great teaching in common pediatric complaints.


Chippenham Hospital houses a 32 bed medical ICU, as well as a 12 bed coronary ICU, and a 12 bed cardiovascular ICU.  All ICUs are open, meaning that we round on any of our patients in these ICUs daily and participate in their medical care.  On the pediatric end, Chippenham offers an 8 bed PICU and 15 bed NICU.  The adult ICU rotation is done primarily in the medical ICU, working closely with the intensivist.  Residents also spend time on rotations in the PICU and NICU. 

crossover clinic

This is a free clinic in the city of Richmond, that treats patient in need, providing a wide array of medical care and procedures.  Crossover Clinic was able to provide medical care for over 6,000 patients in 2016 alone.


Our residency is very flexible with electives, as seen by the extensive list below, but our faculty is more than willing to support any new electives that residents are interested in creating.

  • Cardiology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Cardio Thoracic Surgery
  • HIV Clinic
  • ER
  • Procedures
  • Psychiatry
  • OB/Women’s Health
  • Research
  • Neurology
  • International Medicine
  • Peds ER
  • Pulmonology Internal Medicine
  • Rheumatology
  • Hematology/Oncology
  • Nephrology
  • ENT
  • Urology
  • Neonatology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Plastic Surgery
  • General Surgery