+ Are any fellowships offered?

There are no specific fellowships associated with Chesterfield itself, but our connection with VCU allows for all of their resources to be available. In the past few years, for example, residents have gone on to do fellowships in Sports Medicine, Geriatrics and Palliative Care, both with VCU and out of state.

+ Are there any specific tracks or concentrations within the residency?

Our residency prides itself on the flexibility in the curriculum, and therefore we have no set tracks within the residency. If a resident shows an interest in a certain area, the program aids them in creating experiences to help foster that. For example, residents interested in Sports Medicine are able to cover sports teams on their own, cover many athletic events, and do multiple electives with many different community preceptors in that field.

+ What electronic medical records are used at the hospital and the clinic?

As with all HCA affiliated hospitals, we use Meditech at both hospitals. At our clinic, we use eMDs. Residents have remote access to both hospital and clinic EMRs, in order to have information at their fingertips in any location.

+ How many residents are in the program?

We have 6 residents per year, for a total of 18 residents

+ Is this program opposed?

Our program is completely unopposed. Our inpatient service is run entirely by our residents, seeing only our clinic patients. Both OB/GYN and pediatrics is based at Chippenham Hospital, and our residents work directtly with attendings.

+ What is the call schedule like?

We have two residents each month on night shift 5 days a week (Sunday-Thursday). On Friday and Saturday nights, one off-service resident and intern cover the inpatient and OB service.