VCU Family Medicine M-III Clerkship

The goals of the M-III Family Medicine Clerkship as outlined by the VCU Department of Family Medicine are as follows:

  • Develop the skills utilized by family physicians to deal with the bio-psycho-social problems of patients and their families.
  • Advance students’ knowledge in the management of common problems encountered in family medicine.
  • Demonstrate appropriate professional and communication skills with patients and staff.
  • Increase proficiency in history and physical exam skills during patient encounters.
  • Understand the use of the medical literature in patient care.
  • Recognize the role of family physicians as major health care providers for many parts of the U.S.

M-III students can expect to spend most days at the Chesterfield Family Practice Center seeing patients with faculty and residents.  Students will also have the opportunity to do home visits with our residents and may spend a half-day in the inpatient hospital setting if interested.  They are required to do a presentation on a topic relevant to outpatient family medicine at the end of their rotation.

How to Apply: This clerkship for third year medical students from VCU School of Medicine only.  It is coordinated through the VCU Department of Family Medicine. 


M-IV Acting Internship

The goals of the M-IV Acting Internship are as follows:

  • Learn about and practice inpatient care from a unique family medicine approach
  • Understand the family physician’s role in the hospital setting
  • Get a sense of the role and responsibility of an Intern (1st year resident) in family medicine residency program

M-IV students can expect to spend most of their time in an inpatient setting caring for their own patients at Chippenham Medical Center.  Acting Interns (AIs) will work closely with interns and upper level residents and are expected to make rounds, present patients, write daily notes and discuss patient care with the Chesterfield Family Practice hospital team attending and specialists in the hospital.  AIs are expected to give a brief presentation on a topic based on a patient they have been following.  They are also required to work 1 weekend-call day during their rotation to get a better sense of their responsibilities as a future resident.

How to Apply:  Applications are accepted through AAMC Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS).  Please contact our residency coordinator Amy Daubenspeck at (804) 276-2150 if you have any questions or problems with your application.